No nasties. No waste. No BO. No BS!

No nasties. No waste. No BO. No BS!

Natural deodorant that works.

Natural deodorant that works.

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Bodycare products you can trust. Free from harmful chemicals, gentle and effective.

Clean, safe and healthy for your skin, body and conscience.


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Australian Bodycare for a Healthy and Sustainable Future.

Australian Made and Owned.

Totem Eco's personal care products are recognised as non-toxic, ethical, ecofriendly, and sustainable.

We put our planet before profit and embrace sustainable practices in every aspect of our business right down to, biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable packaging. We are solar-powered and use locally sourced Australian, natural, and organic ingredients wherever possible while consciously researching the production practices of all of our suppliers to ensure their supply chain aligns with our core values.

We are proudly 100% Australian and all of our Totem Eco natural deodorants and natural soaps are made with love right here in Australia.


Empowering Conscious Choices for Health and Environment

At Totem Eco, we believe in the power of small changes. By making conscious decisions about the products we use daily, we can improve our well-being and positively impact the planet.

We believe the products we apply to our bodies should be safe, healthy, and nourishing, without any doubts about their ingredients.

That's why we're dedicated to educating people about the potential risks associated with conventional products to provide them with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions about the products that they use.

Our Natural Body Care Products celebrate Australia while offering safer and more sustainable options. They're vegan-friendly, gentle for the whole family, eco-friendly, and 100% natural.

Totem Eco is committed to transparency and ethical sourcing, ensuring that our products and messaging promote the well-being of our consumers and the environment.

Join us in supporting the Australian Beauty and Personal Care industry's transition to a cleaner, greener, safer, and more sustainable future.